Credit Hour System

New Covenant International University complies with the standard US semester credit hour system mandated by the Florida Statutes and the FCPC as follows:

One semester credit hour equals fifteen (15) classroom contact periods of fifty (50) minutes duration each with supportive study and assignments.

1 NCIU credit equals 1.67 ECTS. This means that 3 NCIU credits equal 5 ECTS.

Credit Transfer

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Transfer of Credit

Automatic semester credit hour transfer approvals of the same or similar concentrations and degree programs are extended to the following organizations, institutions and credit granting mechanisms:

  • Appropriately chartered, nationally accredited college or university
  • US regionally accredited college or university programs and awards
  • American Council on Education (ACE) approved courses

Transfer of NCIU Credit

Acceptance of credit for transfer is always at the discretion of the receiving institution. With the exception of articulation agreements in place currently or in future, NCIU makes no guarantee as to the transferability of its credits to any other college or university. NCIU reserves the right of sole discretion in assessment to determine what is transferable from other sources for Advanced Standing status. Florida Statutes allow for the following maximum credit transfer allowances to be granted solely at the discretion of NCIU in their assessment, subject to satisfactory verification and evidence of transcripts, challenge examinations and other relevant documents at all levels.

Bachelor’s Degree – transfer maximum (all sources): 75% limit. The student must earn at least 25% of the Bachelor’s degree award by course and/or thesis work with NCIU.

Master’s Degree – transfer maximum (all sources): 50% limit. The candidate must earn at least 50% of the Master’s Degree award by course and/or thesis work with NCIU.

Doctoral Degree – transfer maximum (all sources): 25% limit. The candidate must earn at least 75% of the Doctoral award by course and/or thesis work with NCIU.


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Recognized Prior Learning

NCIU will consider all documented Recognized Prior Learning (RPL) in the application of degree program students that has application or relevancy to the degree program being applied for at NCIU.

RPL Assessment is a recognized process that evaluates the individual’s informal and non-institutional learning from all sources and the experiences of life. This process is to determine the extent to which the individual has achieved measurable learning and competency outcomes or equivalent standards with an NCIU qualification or learning objective. RPL is frequently used by many higher learning institutions to determine that the applicant has achieved the necessary standards for admittance to a higher level of learning being offered.

Students can only receive Advanced Standing status by submitting all valid prior learning experiences listed in the application form. This enables NCIU to complete a full assessment for non-institutional learning. These may include:

  • Practical Ministry and missions field experience may be considered as equivalent credit hour units for applicants who have completed at least five years of authenticated Christian service as a pastor, missionary, evangelist, social worker, church worker or similar. NCIU makes the determination as to equivalent credit hour allowances for transfer acceptance.
  • Contact hours and Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) earned at seminars, short-term training modules and non-institutional courses may also be evaluated with supporting documentary evidence.

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